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Artificial Intelligence


Construct Tensor Field (ConstructTF)
Constructs a tensor field
Custom Field (CustomField)
Generate a user-defined vector field
Deconstruct Tensor Field (DeconstructTensField)
Deconstruct a tensor field into a connectivity mesh and a list of tensors
Discrete Field (DiscrField)
Generate a continuous field from a discrete vector set
Field From Mesh (FieldFromMesh)
Generates a field based on a mesh's principal curvature
Field From Surface (FieldFromSurface)
Generates a field based on a surface's principal curvature
Field Potential (FieldPotential)
Provided the field is conservative, this calculates the potential in each pointas the negative of the work done by a particle from the sampling point (A) to the source (B)
Image Charge (ImageCharge)
Create a field due to an image charge
Point Trajectory (IntegFieldPoint)
Find the trajectory of a point in a field
Integrate Vector Field (IntegrateVectField)
Integrate a given vector field
Integrate Tensor Field (IntegrateTFMesh)
Integrate Tensor Field on Mesh
Path on Object (PathOnObj)
Integrate a field using an object as a constraint
Rotate Tensor Field (RotateTF)
Smoothen Field (Smoothen a field)
See html help in the component
Iso-Potential Surface (IsoPotSurf)
Calculates the iso-potential surfaces of a field
Tensor Field - Vector (TFtoVF)
Calculate a vector field from a tensor field and a single direction The resulting vector will be V(x) = TF(x) * D, where M is the tensor field in a point and D the direction given
Tensor Field - Vector (TFtoVF2)
Creates a vector field by multiplication with a Vector Field The resulting vector will be V(x) = TF(x) * VF(x), where M is the tensor field in a point and D the direction given
Tensor Field - Component (TFtoVF2)
Creates a vector field by choosing a component of the Tensor Field. By default it takes the first direction. Right-click on the component to change that.


Convex Hull 3D (ConvexHull3D)
Create a convex hull 3d from a poiont cloud
Geodesic (GeodesicMesh)
Geodesic on a mesh
Integrate Mesh Curvature (IntegrateMshCrv)
Integrates the principal directions field of a mesh
Iso Mesh (IsoMesh)
Creates and Iso Mesh
Mesh Curvature (MeshCrv)
Find the curvature field of a mesh
Umbilic Points (UmbilicPoints)
Find umbilc points on a mesh
Samples the field for creating the Voxels


Construct Node Value (ConKDNodeVal)
Construct a kd-Node with a value associated to it
Construct Node (ConKDNode)
Construct a kd-Node
Construct Tree (ConKDTree)
Construct a kd-Tree
Deconstruct Node (DeConKDNode)
Deconstruct a kd-Node
Nearest Neighbours Hypercube (NearKDNCube)
Finds kdNodes in a hypercube
Nearest Neighbours Distance (NearKDNNum)
Finds kdNode within a certain distance from a given one
Nearest Neighbours Number (NearKDNNum)
Finds n nearest neighbours to the specified kdNode


Dancing Banana (Banana)
A funny dancing banana
Series from List (SeriesList)
Create a series of numbers having the same length of the given list
Group Numbers (GroupNums)
Group numbers
Run Executable (RunExec)
Run an executable with attributes
Sort Curves (Sort curves)
Sort curves along a given curve

Artificial Intelligence

Run Neural Network (RunNN)
Run data through a trained neural network
Supervised Training NN (SupTrainNN)
Supervised training
Unsupervised Training NN (UnsupTrainNN)
Unsupervised training
Random Forest (RandomForest)
Trains using a random forest algorithm
Prediction NN (Nickname)


Generate Graph (GenGraph)
Create graph from curves
Find Path (PathGraph)
Visualize the shortest path
Graph search (GraphSrch)
Find distances in a graph
Generate Network (GenGraph)
Create graph from curves


Integrate Curvature Field
Integrate Curvature Field
Umbilic Points (UmbilicPoints)
Find umbilc points on a surface


Statistics (Stats)
Calculate statistics for a series of numbers

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