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Bring Layer To Front
Bring Layer to Front
Close Document
Close a specified document
Create Text on Layer
Use this component to create text items on a layer. Specify points for point text, or a rectangle for area text.
Curves To Paths
Convert Rhino Curves to bezier curve paths in Illustrator
Curve To Path
Convert a Rhino Curve to a bezier curve path in Illustrator
Document Bounds
Get the rectangle representing the document bounds
Get Open Illustrator Documents
Export Document
Export a document to a specified location
Layer By Name
Get a layer from a document by name
Get Paths on Layer
Gets the Path items on a layer
Get/Create Document Layers
Create a new Illustrator Document
Open an Illustrator Document
Opens Illustrator and retrieves the running app.
Path Geometry
Get the curve / polyline geometry of the path items
Run Script
Run script (written in javascript) in Illustrator
Map to and from Illustrator document scale. All Doodlebug components take / output points, so this lets you smartly map to and from other units.
Send Layer To Back
Send a layer to back of the document
Set Layer Properties
Sets the opacity and blend mode of a layer
Set the desired layer order for a document
Set Path Properties
Set the display properties of Paths

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