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Explode Blocks
Explodes a set of Instance Objects into their proper geometry
Explode Blocks Recursively
Recursively explodes a set of Instance Objects into their proper geometry, structured in a Data Tree according to block nesting.
Dynamic Geometry Pipeline
Defines a Geometry Pipeline from Rhino to Grasshopper, with variable filters for name, object type, and layer.
Hatch Explode
Gets the geometry and properties of a referenced hatch object
Reads Light Properties from a Rhino.DocObjects.LightObject
Object Attributes
Access the individual attributes of a RhinoObject or an ObjectAttributes type.
Objects By Selection
Gets the currently selected objects in Rhino
Sort Objects By Type
Sorts a set of Rhino Objects by type and extracts the Geometry for types that already exist in Grasshopper.
Text Object Info
Gets the location, orientation plane, alignment, and text from a referenced text object.
Reinstate Tree
This component works to bring back data tree structure for referenced geometry that has been baked with "Bake Geometry" with the "Preserve Trees" option enabled.


Render Curve to Screen
Displays a Curve object in a fixed position on screen
Custom Preview Lineweights
Custom Preview with Lineweights
Custom Preview Materials
Custom Preview with Materials
Render Mesh to Screen
Displays a Mesh object in a fixed position on screen
Render Point to Screen
Displays a Point object in a fixed position on screen
Screen-Oriented Mesh
Displays a Mesh object that remains consistently oriented relative to the screen
Screen-Oriented Text
Displays text that remains consistently oriented relative to the screen
Render Text to Screen
Displays a text object in a fixed position on screen
Screen-To-World Tag
Creates a special display tag anchored to a location on screen and a location in your model.


Item Selector
Allows you to select an item or items from an input list
Convert To Document Units
Parses a formatted distance string (like 5'-10") and converts it to numerical format in the active document units.
Deletes all objects on specified Layers, then passes true
Directory Contents
Lists the files in a specified directory.
Clickable Mesh
Allows you to click in the Rhino Viewport /nto select from a list of meshes. WARNING! /nThis will harvest ALL Rhino mouse clicks - /nwhile enabled you will not be able to use Rhino/nas normal.
Filter By Item
Filter a list or lists by a guide list and a subset of that guide list.
Dispatch Multiple
Dispatch multiple lists at a time. Only retrieves true values - use invert to get the others.
Save Viewport To File
Saves a viewport screenshot or render to a specified filepath.

Document Info

Font Table
Retrieves the list of system fonts.
Hatch Table
Gets the hatches from the active Rhino Document
Linetype Table
Gets the linetypes from the active Rhino Document
Material Table
Accesses the render materials in the document
Named Views and Display Modes
Gets a list of the Named Views and Display Modes in this document
Layer Table
Gets the list of layers in the active document
Viewport Properties
Get a list of viewports and their properties


Bake Geometry
Bake geometry to the document with the specified attributes
Create Object Attributes
Create Hatch Objects with specified pattern, scale, rotation, and attributes
Create Light Object. So far works well for point lights and directional lights
Define Block
This component allows you to define or replace a block definition.
Creates 3d Text objects with specified size, location, alignment, and font.
Places a specified block with the desired transform

Texture Mapping

Applies a box texture mapping to a mesh.
Custom Mapping
Applies per-vertex mesh texture coordinates to a mesh
Applies a cylindrical texture mapping to a mesh.
Applies a planar texture mapping to a mesh.
Applies a spherical texture mapping to a mesh.
Applies a surface UV texture mapping to a mesh.


Assigns an arbitrary path structure to a flat list of input data
Graft By Data
Adds an additional level of path hierarchy according to the specified indices
Sets a flat list of data to correspond to the tree structure of an input tree
Produces a single path description for each item in a tree, in the same structure as the original tree.

Document Modifications

Create/Modify Layers
Create and Modify Rhino Layers
Create/Modify Materials
Create or Edit document Render Materials.
Modify Viewport
Use this component to restore a named view in a viewport, set its display mode, or set its camera.
Modify Object Attributes
Use this component to modify the object attributes of geometry in Rhino.

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