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Creates a desire for integration vectors to align to neighbours
Creates a desire for integration points to gather together
Gravity Dynamic
Creates gravity sink/sources at specified points
Scales the vectors logarithmically as a post-process step
Creates a desire for integration points to maintain a particular distance from each other
Surface Attraction
A post-processing dynamic which causes integration to be attracted (or repulsed) from surfaces
Surface Bounce
A post-processing dynamic which allows the integration to bounce off of surfaces during a collision
Surface Flow
A post-processing dynamic which allows integration to flow along a list of surfaces
Vector Addition
Adds a vector to each vector in a vector field
Vortex Dynamic
Creates vortices inside a vector field at specified points (at the origins of the planar inputs)


A persistent counter that increases its count each iteration
Distance Binning
Allows faster processing of dynamics that reference the entire field of particles (Cohesion, Alignment, Separation) by processing only points in a local area (Bin) at a time
Point/Vector Interpolation
Interpolate an N-dimensional point based on surrounding M-dimensional vectors
Dynamic Keyframe
Keyframes a list of dynamics to only trigger at specified step ranges
Number Interpolation
Interpolates N-dimensional points based on surrounding M-dimensional vectors
Open/Closed Curve Sorter
Sorts a list of points representing curves into open and closed lists
A Tensor component represents a 3d frame or basis, such as a plane
Vector Field Creator
Modifies or creates a new vector field


SPM Boundary Settings
Settings to control boundaries during an integration
SPM Vector Field Integration
Statically or dynamically integrates points travelling through a vector field
SPM Integration Settings
Settings to configure a SPM vector field integration component
SPM Orbit Settings
Settings to control the orbit parameters
SPM Particle Life Time Settings
Settings to control the lifetime behaviour of particles
SPM Tensor Settings
Settings to work with tensor fields during integration

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