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Colibri 2.0
TT Tools

TT Tools

CAD Exporter
Export to CAD
Galapagos Listener
Creates a data tree of all Galapagos iterations
Get Geometry Attributes
Gets the name, GUID, and layer of any Rhino object
Match Tree Structure
Applies Tree Structure of one Tree to a List of Data. Inspired by cluster by A. Heumann
Remove Duplicate Lines
Removes duplicate lines in a list
Remove Duplicate Points
Replaces duplicate points in a list with null values, keeping the first instace of the duplicate in place.
TT Safe Delete
Delete or highlight selected objects in Rhino which are not referenced in Grasshopper
This component groups curves that share the same nodes
Sort Curves Along Crv
Sorts Curves along a guide curve based on point t along curve.
Get Hours and Days
Get Hours and Days from Time Range
Tree Branch Index
TT Toolbox: Retrieves all items in specified data tree branch when specifying an index value for the desired branch
Tree Item Index
TT Toolbox: Retrieves an item from a Tree by specifying an index for the branch and item
TT Sweep
Draw 3D members given centerlines
TT Sweep Names
Section name selector for TT Sweep component
Unfolds developable breps (and points and curves on those breps) onto a target plane.
Unit Converter
converts between common units and returns Rhino Units.


Launch Spectacles Viewer
Launches the Spectacles Viewer in your web browser.
Creates a Spectacles line
Creates a THREE.js Basic Line Material to use with line geometries
Creates a Spectacles mesh from a grasshopper mesh.
Creates mesh material that will always be the same color in a THREE.js scene - it will not be effected by lighting.
Creates a Spectacles mesh and a set of materials from a grasshopper mesh and a list of colors - one color per face
Creates a non-shiny mesh material.
Create a shiny material for meshes
Compiles Spectacles objects into a JSON representation of a THREE.js scene, which can be opened using the Spectacles viewer.
Compiles the views selected to be exported
Spectacles Colibri_3DObjects
Compiles Spectacles objects into a JSON representation of a THREE.js scene, which can be opened using the Spectacles viewer.
Creates a Spectacles mesh and a material from a grasshopper mesh with color data.


Platypus Connection
Connect to and get a session key to use downstream.
Pull GH>GH Geometry
Pull Grasshopper geometry in from other Grasshopper users in this session. Each user will have their own branch of each output data tree.
Push GH>GH Geometry
Push Grasshopper geometry to other Grasshopper users in the session. Points, Curves, Breps, and Meshes are supported.
Stream Lines
Stream lines to
Stream Meshes
Stream meshes to 3dplatyp
Stream Sliders
Stream Sliders to
Launch Browser
Launch in your default web browser.

Colibri 2.0

Colibri Aggregator
Aggregates design data, images & Spectacles models into a data.csv file (and corresponding data set that data.csv links to) that Design Explorer can open.
Colibri Parameters
Collects design parameters (us engineer types would call these 'performance metrics') to chart in Design Explorer
Image Setting
Defines how Colibri generates images during flights. You can specify which viewport[s] to capture, and the resolution of the image.
Colibri Iterator
Generates design iterations from a collection of sliders, panels, or valueLists.
Iteration Selection
Generates an iteration selection for the Colibri Iterator


Read Excel Sheet
Read data from an Excel worksheet
Write Options
Option settings for writing data to Excel.
Write To Excel
Write Data to Excel

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