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Construction Assembly

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This component must be used to assign constructions assemblies to zone geometry
before that geometry can be passed on to the 'Viper' component for thermal analysis.


1) Connect one or more breps to the input 'Brep'. Breps must be PLANAR or composed
of planar faces.

2) Click the Assembly button and select a construction assembly from the list.

3) Connect the output to the 'Zone' input in the Viper component.


Custom Construction Assemblies:

To build your own assemlby from material layers:

1) Click the Assembly button and select 'Custom Assembly'.

2) Click the 'Layers' button and select the number of material layers deired.

3) Click each layer button ('L1', etc.) and select a material item for that
layer. You must also provide a thickness (in INCHES) for each layer in the
corresponding input parameter ('L1_thickness', etc.) If you wish to set the R-value
of an insulation layer rather than its thickness, use the 'Insulation: Set R-Value'

4) If you want to save your new assembly to the library, provide a unique name to the
'Name' input and click the 'Save' button.


BrepBrepInput one or more breps to be assigned a construction assemblyBrep


ZoneZoneConnect to 'Zone' input of the Viper component. Note: Do NOT flatten, graft, or otherwise alter the paths or structure of this data tree.Brep

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