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DIVA Daylight Analysis for GH

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This component runs a DIVA Daylight analysis with Grasshopper Geometry.


1) Click the 'Settings' menu at the bottom of the component.

2) Choose a location.

3) Click the 'Simulation Parameters' tab and choose a simulation.

4) Check the 'Include Rhino Scene' box if you want geometry from a previous.
DIVA for Rhino simualtion in the open Rhino File included with the grasshopper geometry.
Leave it unchecked if you are using only grasshopper geometry.

5) Click the 'Output' tab and choose the desired outputs.
Then click 'OK'.

6) Attach grasshopper geometry to the input of a material component.
Click the 'Material Menu' of a material component to assign a radiance material to that geometry.

7) Attach the output of the material component to the 'geometry' input on this component.

8) Attach a matching list or tree of points and vectors to represent analysis nodes and directions.

9) Attach a boolean toggle to the 'run' input and set it to True to run the simulation.

Notes: Attaching a project name will save the analysis files into new directories.
Include a slider into the project name if you want to save all the analysis files.


Project NameProject NameProject Name (optional)String
Geometry with Radiance Material ReferenceGMGrasshopper Geometry to be included in the scene. Connect from the GM output of the Material component. Note: Do NOT flatten, graft, or otherwise alter the paths or structure of the data tree.GeometricGoo
Analysis NodesNodesAttach a list of points to change location of analysis nodes.Point
Analysis DirectionVectorsA matching list of vector directions for each analysis node, if none are supplied then the default is up (+z). [Optional]Vector
Write OnlyWrite OnlyWrite OnlyBoolean
Run SimulationRunRun SimulationBoolean


Output MessagemessagesMessages, Warnings, and ErrorsString
Metric Solar IrradiationSolar IrradiationSolar Irradiation [kWh/m2]Goo

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