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Component Index > DIVA > DIVA Daylight > Legend

Display a Legend for the analysis results
which is oriented to the active viewport


ToggleRunToggle True or False to update the legend to the active viewport.Boolean
Lower Bound of LegendLBDefine lowest number of legend.Number
Upper Bound of LegendUBDefine upper number of legend.Number
Optional Text StringSAdd a text string to the legend. This could be the summary results of the data such as an average or threshold. [Optional]String


Legend panel geometryGSufaces for legend preview oriented to the perspective, attach to (G) of preview component.Surface
Legend values(t)Legend values, attach to (t) of a copy of the false color gradient used to visualize the analysis results .Number
Legend text locationLLegend text location, attach to the (L) of a text tag component.Point
Legend textTLeg text, attach to the (T) of a text tag componentString

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