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Read Saved Thermal Results

Component Index > DIVA > DIVA Thermal > Read Saved Thermal Results

This component reads the results of saved thermal
simulation projects.


1) Right click the 'Project' button and select a
saved project from the list. (The list is
populated from the default 'Projects' folder in
C:\DIVA\Thermal\Grasshopper\Projects. The
project 'Viper_Temp' simply stores the most recent
simulation.) To enter a results file path manually,
select the 'Input CSV path manually' option.

2) Right-click the 'Metrics' button and select the
output variables to display. If you have manually
input a csv file containing multi-zone data,
the sum over all zones will be output for each zone
metric. To call up the project inputs and runtime
messages, or the dxf geometry created by EnergyPlus,
use the 'Show inputs...' and 'Show DXF...' items at
the top of the Metrics list.


Metric Heating EHeating EHeating Energy Consumption (load divided by efficiency) [kWh] (Monthly)Goo
Metric Cooling ECooling ECooling Energy Consumption (load divided by efficiency) [kWh] (Monthly)Goo
Metric Elec:LightsElec:LightsInteriorLights:Electricity [kWh] (Monthly)Goo
Metric Elec:EquipElec:EquipInteriorEquipment:Electricity [kWh] (Monthly)Goo

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