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This component will read all of the sensor values from
the Wii Nunchuck. Note: This component is meant to
be used in tandem with the Wii Nunchuck Arduino Sketch
which can be downloaded from the Firefly website at:


Start Reading ValuesStartInput an Boolean value (True/False) to start receiving values from the Arduino. Note: You must first open the serial connection by using the Open Port component (Firefly/Boards/Open Port) before setting the Start input value to True.Boolean
PortNumberPortThe Port Number has to be the same Serial Port assigned in the Arduino Sketch. You can find which COM port you are using by clicking on the Tools>Serial Port button on the Arduino IDE.Integer


Accelerometer XAccXReturns the accelerometer X valueInteger
Accelerometer YAccYReturns the accelerometer Y valueInteger
Accelerometer ZAccZReturns the accelerometer Z valueInteger
Joystick XJoyXReturns the joystick value of the X-axisInteger
Joystick YJoyYReturns the joystick value of the Y-axisInteger
Z ButtonZbutReturns the status of the Z buttonInteger
C ButtonCbutReturns the status of the C buttonInteger
Status MessageMsgCurrent status of Serial PortString

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