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Dump Honeybee Objects

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Dump Honeybee Objects
Use this component to dump Honeybee objects to a file on your system.
You can use load Honeybee objects to load the file to Grasshopper.
WARNING: This component does not write custom schedules or materials within the file but it does write the names of the constructions and schedules.
Accordingly, to properly load objects agian, you must connect the full strings of these objects to a "Add to EnergyPlus Library" component in any GH cript that loads the HBZones from the file.


_HBObjects_HBObjectsA list of Honeybee objectsGoo
_fileName_fileNameA name for the file to which HBObjects will be written (e.g. 20ZonesExample.HB).Goo
_workingDir__workingDir_An optional working directory into which the HBZones will be written. The default is set to C:\ladybug.Goo
_dump_dumpSet to True to save the objects to fileGoo


filePathfilePathThe location of the file where the HBZones have been saved.Goo

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