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Radiance Parameters - Standard
Check here for more details:
Read more about the parameters at:
Here is my favorite presentation by John Mardaljevic:


_quality_quality0 > low, 1 > Medium, 2 > HighGoo
_ab__ab_Number of ambient bounces. "This is the maximum number of diffuse bounces computed by the indirect calculation. A value of zero implies no indirect calculation. "Goo
_ad__ad_Number of ambient divisions. "The error in the Monte Carlo calculation of indirect illuminance will be inversely proportional to the square root of this number. A value of zero implies no indirect calculation."Goo
_as__as_Number of ambient super-samples. "Super-samples are applied only to the ambient divisions which show a significant change."Goo
_ar__ar_Ambient resolution. "This number will determine the maximum density of ambient values used in interpolation. Error will start to increase on surfaces spaced closer than the scene size divided by the ambient resolution. The maximum ambient value density is the scene size times the ambient accuracy."Goo
_aa__aa_Ambient accuracy. "This value will approximately equal the error from indirect illuminance interpolation. A value of zero implies no interpolation"Goo
additionalP_additionalP_Use this input to set other Radiance parameters as needed. You need to follow Radiance's standard syntax (e.g. -ps 1 -lw 0.01)Goo


outreadMe!The execution information, as output and error streamsString
radParametersradParametersScript output radParameters.Goo

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