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Run Daylight Simulation

Component Index > Honeybee > 04 | Daylight | Daylight > Run Daylight Simulation

export geometries to rad file, and run daylighting/energy simulation


_HBObjects_HBObjectsList of Honeybee objectsGoo
_analysisRecipe_analysisRecipeAn analysis recipeGoo
------------------------------------Script variable writeRadGoo
_writeRad_writeRadWrite simulation filesGoo
runRad_runRad_Run the analysis. _writeRad should be also set to true. Set to 2 if you want the analysis to run in background. This option is useful for parametric runs when you don't want to see command shells.Goo
_numOfCPUs__numOfCPUs_Number of CPUs to be used for the studies. This option doesn't work for image-based analysisGoo
--------------------------------------Script input |\\|//|\\|//|\\|//|\\|//|.Goo
_workingDir__workingDir_Working directory on your system. Default is set to C:\LadybugGoo
_radFileName__radFileName_Input the project name as a stringGoo
------------------------------------Script input |//|\\|//|\\|//|\\|//|\\|.Goo
meshSettings_meshSettings_Custom mesh setting. Use Grasshopper mesh setting componentsGoo
exportAirWalls_exportAirWalls_Set to True if you want to export air walls as surfaces and False if you don't want air walls be exported. The default is set to False.Goo
additionalRadFiles_additionalRadFiles_A list of fullpath to valid radiance files which will be added to the sceneGoo
overwriteResults_overwriteResults_Set to False if you want the component create a copy of all the results. Default is TrueGoo


analysisTypeanalysisTypeType of the analysis (e.g. illuminance, luminance,...)Goo
resultsUnitresultsUnitUnit of the results (e.g. lux, candela, wh/m2)Goo
resultsresultsPath to the results of grid based analysis (includes all the recipes except image-based and annual)Goo
testPtstestPtsTest pointsGoo
resultFilesresultFilesScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
radGeoFileradGeoFileScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
studyFolderstudyFolderScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
donedoneTrue if the study is overGoo

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