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Seasonal Schedule

Component Index > Honeybee > 07 | Energy | Schedule > Seasonal Schedule

Use this component to generate a seasonal schedule (aka. a schedule composed of different weekly schedules). Using the weekSched outputs of the other schedule generating components, you can combine these to create a yearly schedule that has different week schedules for different times of the year.


_scheduleName_scheduleNameA name for the schedule that this component will create. This name should be unique among the schedules in your Grasshopper document to ensure that you do not overwrite other schedules.Goo
_schedTypeLimits__schedTypeLimits_A text string from the scheduleTypeLimits output of the 'Honeybee_Call From EP Schedule Library' component. This value represents the units of the schedule input values. The default is 'Fractional' for a schedule with values that range between 0 and 1. Other common inputs include 'Temperature', 'On/Off', and 'ActivityLevel'.Goo
_baseWeekSched_baseWeekSchedA text string represeting the name of a weekly schedule to use for any parts of the year not specified in the analysisPeriods below. Such weekly schedules are output from either the 'Honeybee_Constant Schedule' or the 'Honeybee_Annual Schedule' components.Goo
_seasonWeekSched1_seasonWeekSched1A text string represeting the name of a weekly schedule to use for analysisPeriod1 below. Such weekly schedules are output from either the "Honeybee_Constant Schedule" or the "Honeybee_Annual Schedule" components.Goo
_analysisPeriod1_analysisPeriod1An analysis period from the Ladybug_Analysis Period that specifies when the seasonWeekSched1_ above is active.Goo


schedulescheduleThe name of the schedule that has been written to the memory of the GH document. Connect this to any shcedule input of a Honeybee component to assign the schedule.Goo
schedIDFTextschedIDFTextThe text needed to tell EnergyPlus how to run the schedule. If you are done creating/editing a shcedule with this component, you may want to make your GH document smaller by internalizing this IDF text and using the "Honeybee_Add To EnergyPlus Library" component to add the schedule to the memory the next time you open the GH file. Then you can delete this component.Goo

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