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Visualize Microclimate Map

Component Index > Honeybee > 10 | Energy | Energy > Visualize Microclimate Map

Use this component to produce a colored mesh from a comfResultsMtx.


_comfResultsMtx_comfResultsMtxAny matrix output from the 'Honeybee_Microclimate Map Analysis' component, the 'Honeybee_Thermal Comfort Autonomy Analysis' component, or the 'Honeybee_Read Microclimate Matrix' component.Goo
_viewFactorMesh_viewFactorMeshThe list of view factor meshes that comes out of the 'Honeybee_Indoor View Factor Calculator'. These will be colored with result data.Goo
analysisPeriod_analysisPeriod_Optional analysisPeriod_ to take a slice out of the data stream. Note that that connecting a value to 'stepOfSimulation_' will override this input.Goo
stepOfSimulation_stepOfSimulation_Optional interger to select out a step of the simulation to color the mesh with. Connecting a value here will override the analysisPeriod_ input.Goo
percentOrTotal_percentOrTotal_Set to 'True' to have the component compute comfort values as a percent of occupied hours or all hours. Set to 'False' to have the component compute comfort values as a total number of hours. The default is set to 'True' to calculate comfort as a percent. Note that this input only works for comfort matrices and not temperature ones.Goo
legendPar_legendPar_Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug Legend Parameters component.Goo
runIt_runIt_Set boolean to "True" to run the component and produce a colored mesh from a comfResultsMtx.Goo


==================Script variable PythonGoo
resultMeshresultMeshA list of colored meshes showing the results form the comfResultsMtx.Goo
legendlegendA legend for the colored mesh. Connect this output to a grasshopper "Geo" component in order to preview the legend spearately in the Rhino scene.Goo
legendBasePtlegendBasePtThe legend base point, which can be used to move the legend with the grasshopper "move" component.Goo
==================Script variable PythonGoo
resultValuesresultValuesThe values of results that are being used to color the results.Goo
resultColorsresultColorsThe colors used for each mesh face.Goo

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