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HoopSnake Feedback Component


Starting DataSStarting Data. This will be output at F just once at the beginning, before any looping is performed.Goo
DataD*Represents a collection of generic dataGoo
Termination ConditionB*Accepts either a boolean or number. If the boolean is false, or the current iterations count is equal or more than the input, the loop will stop.Goo
TriggerT*Will trigger a HS Iteration if the content of the input has changed.Goo


FeedbackFFeedback Output. Here you get a copy of the data at the "*D" input, or the "*S" input if the former one is empty.Goo
Cumulative FeedbackCCumulative Feedback Output. Here you get the cumulative output of all Hoopsnake iterations, each as a branch in a data tree.Goo
Loops CounterLLoops Counter.Integer
Iterations CounterIIterations Counter.Integer

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