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Screen-To-World Tag

Component Index > Human > Display > Screen-To-World Tag

Creates a special display tag anchored to a location on screen and a location in your model.


Tag TextTThe text to display in the tagString
Tag Screen LocationSLThe location in screen (pixel) coordinates where the tag should be locatedPoint
Tag World LocationWLThe location in world space that you want the tag to point toPoint
Tag JustificationJThe alignment of the tag. This controls both the text alignment and the direction the tag line extends from. If you choose left-aligned, the tag line will extend out to the right.Integer
Font NameFThe name of the font to useString
Font SizeFSThe size of the text fontNumber
ColorCThe color of the text and lineworkColour
Tag ExtensionTEThe extension length (in pixels) of the line leading off the tag. Set to 0 for a simple straight line.Integer
Line WeightLWThe weight of the lineInteger

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