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WhiteFeet ModelBuilder - Add Revit Families


Write ToggleWriteSet to 'True' to write CSV fileBoolean
FolderPathPathPath to folderString
CsvFileNameFileName of CSV File to be createdString
RevitFamilyNameFamilyRevit Family NameString
RevitTypeNameTypeRevit Family Type NameString
PointPointA Tree of Placement Points for Families, Revit family must be 'work-plane based'Point
RotateRotateA List of Rotation Values for Family InstancesNumber
Flip HandFlip HandA Boolean to flip hand for Family InstancesBoolean
Flip FacingFlip FacingA Boolean to flip facing for Family InstancesBoolean
MirrorXMirrorXA Boolean to Mirror about X-axis for Family InstancesBoolean
MirrorYMirrorYA Boolean to Mirror about Y-axis for Family InstancesBoolean
ParameterNamesParamsA List of Parameter Names to Set for Each FamilyString
ParameterValuesValuesA Tree of Parameter Values for Family InstancesString


OutputoutOutput MessagesString
DatadataInstruction DataString

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