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Flat Fabrication Multi

Component Index > Ivy > 7|Fabrication > Flat Fabrication Multi

Takes care of the fabrication preparation for the parts.
Special version for dealing with complex data structures. Use especially in conjunction with multiple weaved strands


SplitMeshgraphsSmThe MeshGraph parts coming from the unroll component
SplitFlatGraphsSfThe MeshGraphs in their unrolled state also from unroll component
FlapsFFlap objectGoo
PieceLocationLStart location for the piecesPlane
TextOffsetOOffset for the text labelsNumber


Cut LinesCThe cut lines of the unrollCurve
FoldIn LinesFiThe fold in lines of the unrollCurve
FoldOut LinesFoThe fold out lines of the unrollCurve
Flat LinesFlThe flat (no fold) lines of the unrollCurve
TextTTextTag text to identify the unroll partsString
Place HoldersPText placeholder to be used with the textPlane
InNode curvesNcThe in-node geometry. The curves nested in the mesh faceCurve

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