algorithmic modeling for Rhino

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1|Mesh Graph
2|Weight Graph
3|Primary Segmentation
3|Tree Graph
4|Tools Graph
5|Iterative Segmentation
5|Split Graph
6|Special Segmentation
6|Use Graph
7|Agent Graph
8|Mesh Info
8|Visualize Graph
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Graph Edges

Component Index > Ivy > 1|Mesh Graph > Graph Edges

Outputs the relevant information (geometric and numeric) stored in the MeshGraph object edges


MeshGraphGThe MGraph object


Mesh IdIdThe number Id of the corresponding mesh faceInteger
GraphEdgegEThe polyline representing the geometric connection between two nodesCurve
TopoEdgetEThe line representing the geometry of the mesh edgeLine
WeightWThe weight of the edge if it is setNumber
NodesNThe number Id for the nodes connected by the edgeInteger
AngleAThe dihedral angle between the faces separated by the edgeNumber
BendBBend type 1 = Flat; 2 = Convex; 3 = ConcaveInteger

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