algorithmic modeling for Rhino

1|Create Graph
1|Mesh Graph
2|Weight Graph
3|Primary Segmentation
3|Tree Graph
4|Tools Graph
5|Iterative Segmentation
5|Split Graph
6|Special Segmentation
6|Use Graph
7|Agent Graph
8|Mesh Info
8|Visualize Graph
9|Other Tools


Component Index > Ivy > 6|Use Graph > MG_Structure

Create a set of lines that approximate the graph and have different offsets from the base mesh according to the number of steps from the root


MeshGraphMThe MeshGraph object used to create creases.The graph base mesh will be use. The Graph needs to be a TREEGoo
EndHeighteThe height of the crease at the tips of the tree graph. Value can be negativeNumber
RootHeightrThe height of the crease at the root of the tree graph. Value can be negativeNumber
CoefficientcA multiplication coefficient for the height for each step along the graph. Should be positive and smaller than 1.00 for height decrease towards the tips of the graphNumber


StructureSThe structure of lines constructed from the graph and meshCurve

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