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MeshGraph Unroll

Component Index > Ivy > 6|Use Graph > MeshGraph Unroll

Unroll the underlying mesh of a tree graph.


MeshGraphMThe MeshGraph object used for the unrolling. The Graph needs to be a TREEGoo
Start FaceFThe starting face (root of graph) for the unroll of the meshInteger
UnrollPlanePPlane to perform unroll operationPlane
FlapSizefSet the width of the glue flaps. Set to 0.0 for no flapsNumber
Text distancedDistance from edge for text placement. Correlate this with the text sizeNumber
Piece DistanceDDistance between the insertion points of every flat piece. Populate this for linear deployment of flat piecesNumber


MeshMThe unrolled mesh piecesMesh
Cut LinesCThe cut lines of the unrollCurve
FoldIn LinesFiThe fold in lines of the unrollCurve
FoldOut LinesFoThe fold out lines of the unrollCurve
Flat LinesFlThe flat (no fold) lines of the unrollCurve
TextTTextTag text to identify the unroll partsString
Place HoldersPText placeholder to be used with the textPlane
SplitFlatGRaphsSfA list of non overlapping parts of the graph with flat meshGoo
SplitMeshgraphsSmA list of non overlapping parts of the graph on the original meshGoo

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