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MeshGraph Visual Unroll

Component Index > Ivy > 6|Special Segmentation > MeshGraph Visual Unroll

Unroll the underlying mesh of a tree graph on the object itself as a from finding technique.


MeshGraphGThe MeshGraph object used for the unrolling. The Graph needs to be a TREE
Start FaceFThe starting face (root of graph) for the unroll of the meshInteger
CoefficientCA number 0 to 1 denoting a partial deformation between the initial and flat state of the MeshGraphNumber
Root DistanceDThe distance from specified root where the unfold will start. Distance is calculated in steps on the tree MeshGraph. Faces(nodes) closer to the root than the specified distance will not unfoldInteger


UnfoldedUfThe unfolded or partially unfolded Meshgraph
Root PlanerPA plane positioned in the center of the root face for the MeshGraph. Use for offset operations or coordinate system change.Plane

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