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Multi Root MST concavity

Component Index > Ivy > 3|Tree Graph > Multi Root MST concavity

Constructs a set of trees based on the given graph. The trees start from the given mesh face index and spread outwards based on the weighted MST criteria and never consider weight outside the specified interval. This version considers edge weight and factors in the weight the concave/convex sequence of edges


MeshGraphGThe MGraph object used to perform graph splitGoo
RootFacesRThe index of mesh faces where clusters will start to growInteger
IntervalIEdges weights inside this interval will be considered only. Edges crossing from flat to convex or concave will have their weight incremented with 1.0 and edges passing from concave to convex or the other way around will have their weight incremented with 2.0Interval


SubGraphsGThe subgraph objectsGoo

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