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Average Data

Component Index > Ladybug > 1 | AnalyzeWeatherData > Average Data

Use this component to select the data out of an annual hourly data stream (from the importEPW component) using the "Analysis Period" component.
This componenent also averages or totals the connected hourly data for each day, month, and average hour of each month in the analysis period.


_annualHourlyData_annualHourlyDataAn hourly data stream from the "Import epw" component.Goo
_analysisPeriod__analysisPeriod_The "analysisPeriod" Output from "Analysis Period" component. If no input is provided, the default analysis period is set to the whole year.Goo
totalOrAverage_totalOrAverage_Set to 'True' to have the component total the values for the given periods and set to 'False' to have the component average them. The default is set to 'False' to average data.Goo


readMe!readMe!A text confirmation of the analysis period.String
selHourlyDataselHourlyDataThe hourly data stream for the analysis period.Goo
averagedDailyaveragedDailyThe averaged data for each day during the analysis period.Goo
averagedMonthlyaveragedMonthlyThe averaged data for each month during the analysis period.Goo
avrMonthlyPerHouravrMonthlyPerHourThe data for the average hour of each month during the analysis period.Goo
avrAnalysisPeriodavrAnalysisPeriodThe averaged data for the analysis period.Goo

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