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Branch Data

Component Index > Ladybug > 1 | AnalyzeWeatherData > Branch Data

Use this component to convert any list of annual data into a data tree branched by day of the year, month of the year, or hour of the day. If the data is not 8760 value sof each hour, the number of _data items should match number of items in HOY_.


_data_dataA list of data to be branched for each month, day and hour. Note that this can be either a list of 8760 values for each hour of the year, the output of the "Import EPW" component, or a custom list of data that is matched by the data in the HOY_ input.Goo
HOY_HOY_A list of numbers between 1 and 8760 that represents an hour of the year.Goo


dataEachDayOfYeardataEachDayOfYearThe input data that has been branched data for each day of the year. The paths of the branches are in the following format {month ; dayOfMonth}.Goo
dataEachMonthdataEachMonthThe input data that has been branched for each month of the year. Branch paths are from 0 to 11.Goo
dataEachHourOfDaydataEachHourOfDayThe input data that has been branched for each hour of the day. Branches are from 0 to 23.Goo

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