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Comfort Mannequin

Component Index > Ladybug > 5 | Extra > Comfort Mannequin

Use this component to color a mannequin based on their relation to a comfort temperature.


_ambientTemperature_ambientTemperatureThe temperture around the mannequin, which can be either UTCI (outdoor comfort), Standard Effective Temperature (PMV comfort), or Operative Temperature (Adaptive Comfort).Goo
targetTemperature_targetTemperature_The target comfort temperature that the mannequin wants to be at. The default is set to 20CGoo
comfortRange_comfortRange_The number of degrees above and below the target temperture that the subject will still find comfortable. The default is set to 3C, which is pretty common for many comfort metrics.Goo
bodyPosture_bodyPosture_An interger to set the posture of the comfort mannequin, which can have a large effect on the radiation striking the mannequin. 0 = Standing, 1 = Sitting, and 2 = Lying Down. The default is set to 1 for sitting.Goo
rotationAngle_rotationAngle_An optional rotation angle in degrees. Use this number to adjust the angle of the comfort mannequin in space. The angle of the mannequin in relation to the sun can have a large effect on the amount of radiation that falls on it and thus largely affect the resulting mean radiant temperature.Goo
bodyLocation_bodyLocation_An optional point that sets the position of the comfort mannequin in space. Use this to move the comfort mannequin around in relation to contextShading_ connected below. The default is set to the Rhino origin.Goo
legendPar_legendPar_Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug Legend Parameters component.Goo
bakeIt_bakeIt_An integer that tells the component if/how to bake the bojects in the Rhino scene. The default is set to 0. Choose from the following options: 0 (or False) - No geometry will be baked into the Rhino scene (this is the default). 1 (or True) - The geometry will be baked into the Rhino scene as a colored hatch and Rhino text objects, which facilitates easy export to PDF or vector-editing programs. 2 - The geometry will be baked into the Rhino scene as colored meshes, which is useful for recording the results of paramteric runs as light Rhino geometry.Goo


mannequinMeshmannequinMeshA colored mesh of a comfort mannequin showing the amount of radiation falling over the mannequin's body.Goo
legendlegendA legend that corresponds to the colors on the mannequinMesh and shows the relative W/m2.Goo
legendBasePtlegendBasePtThe legend base point, which can be used to move the legend in relation to the chart with the grasshopper "move" component.Goo

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