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Kmz Generator

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Use this component to export geometries into an Google Earth file.
It requires Google Earth. You can download it at this link:
Once you open kmz file you can continue to update it. This is useful when you change geometries or you want to compare different scenarios.
Updating: Just setting again to "True" _writeKmz, after that right click and select "update" on Google Earth.
Special thanks goes to Google and the authors of gHowl.


_geometry_geometryA list of Breps, Meshes and Surfaces to export.Goo
_basePoint__basePoint_Input a point here to georeference the model. Default value is origin point.Goo
_location_locationIt accepts two type of inputs. a) latitude, longitude and elevation that represent WSG84 coordinates of the base point. You can achieve these type of coordinates from Google Maps or similar. e.g. 40.821796, 14.426439, 990 - b) location, you can obtain this type of input from "Ladybug_Construct Location", "Ladybug_Location Finder", "Ladybug_Import epw", "Ladybug_Import Location".Goo
_terrain_terrainConnect the terrain output of "Ladybug_Terrain Generator" to move the geometries in the right altitude automatically.Goo
_folder__folder_The folder into which you would like to write the kmz file. This should be a complete file path to the folder. If no folder is provided, the images will be written to Ladybug default folder.Goo
name_name_Name of kmz file.Goo
material_material_Connect Create Material component of Grasshopper, it is part of Display tab. If not supplied it will be default material.Goo
_bakeIt_bakeItConnect a Grasshopper button. Set to "True" to bake the geometries for Google Earth.Goo
_writeKmz_writeKmzConnect a Boolean Toggle. After the baking, set it to "True" to export from Rhino Model to KMZ format.Goo


kmzPathkmzPathComplete path of kmz file.Goo
pointOnTerrainpointOnTerrainbasePoint projected on terrain.Goo
geometrygeometryGeometries on the ground.Goo

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