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Mesh Threshold Selector

Component Index > Ladybug > 5 | Extra > Mesh Threshold Selector

Use this component to select out the part of a colored mesh that meets a certain conditional statement. This has multiple uses: The generation of a custom shade from a shade benefit analysis, Quantifying the daylight area from a daylight analysis, Selecting out the portion of a roof with enough solar radiation for PV panels, and much more.


_inputMesh_inputMeshThe mesh for which you would like to highlight the portion that meets a threshold.Goo
_analysisResult_analysisResultA numerical data set whose length corresponds to the number of faces in the _inputMesh.Goo
_operator__operator_A text string representing an operator for the the conditional statement. The default is set to be greater than (>). This must be an operator in python and examples include: > - Greater Than < - Less Than >= - Greater or Equal <= - Less or Equal == - EqualsGoo
percentToKeep_percentToKeep_A number between 0 and 100 that represents the percentage of the mesh faces that you would like to include in the resulting newColoredMesh. By default, this is set to 25%.Goo
levelOfPerform_levelOfPerform_An optional number that represents the threshold above which a given mesh face is included in the newColoredMesh. An input here will override the percent input above.Goo


totalValuetotalValueThe sum of all of the values that meet the criteria multiplied by the mesh face area. For example, if the _inputMesh is a radiation study mesh, this is equal to the total radiation falling on the newColoredMesh. For an energy shade benefit mesh, this is the total energy saved by a shade of this size.Goo
areaMeetsThreshareaMeetsThreshThe area of the newColoredMesh in Rhino model units.Goo
newColoredMeshnewColoredMeshA new colored mesh with the vlues below the threshold deleted out of it.Goo
newMeshOutlinenewMeshOutlineA set of curves outlining the portion of the mesh that is above the threshold.Goo

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