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True North

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Use this component to calculate Earth's true north from magnetic north.
If you are working with location plan generated by Google Maps or any other web mapping service, North will always be positioned in direction of Rhino's Y axis.
In case you imported a location plan to Rhino, which has a North direction assigned in a form of magnetic North, then you need to correct that North direction for the influence of Earth's magnetic variation. Which is what this component does.
All credit goes to Christopher Weiss (, the author of the World Magnetic Model python code.
Based on World Magnetic Model of the NOAA:


_location_locationInput data from Ladybug's "Import epw" "location" output, or create your own location data with Ladybug's "Construct Location" component.Goo
magneticNorth_magneticNorth_Input a vector to be used as a magnetic North direction, or a number between 0 and 360 that represents the clockwise degrees off from the Y-axis. Magnetic north direction is direction a compass-needle points to. - If not supplied, default North direction will be set to the Y-axis (0 degrees).Goo
date_date_Date for which magnetic north should be calculated. Input a date in the following order: month, day, year. Example "5,24,2016" (24nd May 2016). - If not supplied, present date will be used.Goo
COFfile_COFfile_By default "Magnetic north" component already has 2015-2020 integrated WMM coefficients data. In case you would like to analysis periods of time before the year 2015, input an appropriate WMM.COF file path in here. - If not supplied, integrated WMM.COF 2015-2020 coefficients data will be used.Goo


trueNorthtrueNorthGeographic north (direction towards the North Pole) - magnetic north corrected for the value of magnetic declination. Ranges from 0-360. - In decimal degrees (°).Goo
trueNorthVectrueNorthVecVector representation of the upper "trueNorth".Goo
magneticDeclinationmagneticDeclinationAn angle between magnetic north and true north. It is positive east of true north and negative west of true north. - In decimal degrees (°).Goo
magneticFieldVecmagneticFieldVecEarth's magnetic field vector at chosen location. Vector's intensity represents the strength in nanoTeslas (nT).Goo

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