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view Rose

Component Index > Ladybug > 3 | EnvironmentalAnalysis > view Rose

Use this component to see the area visible from a given viewpoint across a 2D plane of vision.
The component will create a circular surface in this plane of vision that is interrupted by context geometry to show the places that can be seen through this context geometry.


_context_contextBreps or Meshes representing context geometry that can block the view around a given viewPoint.Goo
_plane__plane_Test PlaneGoo
_radius_radiusA radius to make the view rose in Rhino model units. Note that, if the view rose is not extending past the _context geometry, you should increase this value.Goo


viewRoseviewRoseA surface representing the visible area from the viewpoint past the _context geometry.Goo
blockedblockedA set of curves representing the views blocked by the _context geometry from the viewpoint .Goo
visibleAnglevisibleAngleThe total angle of visibility from the viewpoint in the plane of visibility.Goo

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