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SPM Vector Field Integration

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Statically or dynamically integrates points travelling through a vector field


Field PointsPList of points in the vector field (parallel to VT)Point
Field Vectors/TensorsVTList of vectors or tensors in the vector field (parallel to P)Goo
Start PointsSPPoints to simulate travelling through the vector fieldPoint
Particle Life TimeLTNumber of iterations for each particle to exist, by default these are respawned at their original start points when this time is upInteger
DynamicsDList of dynamics to modify the vector field withGoo
SettingsSList of settings objects to customize integration parametersGoo
Dynamic SimulationDIDynamically simulate the integration, one step at a time. If true, each run will integrate a series of particles for lifetime of LT. If false then the integration will run once and return all points at once. In this case LT is the number of steps to integrate.Boolean
Reset SimulationRSReset the simulation to the starting point. This is only used when in dynamic integration mode (DI is true)Boolean


Travelled Points TreePTThe Travelling points after they have travelled [step] iterationsPoint
Travelled Vectors TreeVTThe resultant vectors for each point during the simulationVector

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