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Vortex Dynamic

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Creates vortices inside a vector field at specified points (at the origins of the planar inputs)


PlanePlPlane for the vortex to operate on. The origin of the plane is the singularity point of the vortexPlane
ExponenthDistance from field where integration will halt. 0 to run until integration is completeNumber
FactorkScalar multiple of the gravity force (positive for attraction, negative for repulsion)Number
Rotational FactoraScalar multiple of the effect the spiral causes on the vector fieldNumber
ExacteUse exact geodesic distances to calculate spiral path when on a surface, otherwise use a fast approximationBoolean
FunnelFTrue if you want a funnel instead of a vortex. A funnel will attract on one side and shoot out the otherBoolean
ReverseRTrue if you want to reverse the spiral when constrained to a surfaceBoolean


Vortex ParametersDParameters used to modify the vector field of the Vector Field Creater that this must be wired intoGoo

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