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Aggregates design data, images & Spectacles models into a data.csv file (and corresponding data set that data.csv links to) that Design Explorer can open.


FolderFolderPath to a directory to write images, spectacles models, and the data.csv file into. Please make sure you have authorized access.By default it is set to c:\ColibriString
Iteration Genome (ID)GenomeData from the Colibri Iterator compnent, which describes the ID of each iteration. Combination of Genome and Colibri Parameters is also acceptable.String
Iteration Phenome (Results)PhenomeData from the Colibri Parameters component which collects all output results from each iteration. This is optional if there is no computed data to export.String
ImgSettingImgSettingOptional input from the Colibri ImageSetting component.Goo
3DObjects3DObjectsOptional input for 3D Objects from the Spectacles SceneObjects component. Currently this only exports straight lines and meshes.Goo
Write?Write?Set to true to write files to disk.Boolean


RecordsRecordsInformation that recorded in CSV file.String

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