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Defines how Colibri generates images during flights. You can specify which viewport[s] to capture, and the resolution of the image.


ImageSaveAsNameSaveAsOptional input for overwriting the default image name. Don't do anything here if you don't know how to generate a dynamic name!String
RhinoViewNamesViewsOptional input for the Rhino viewport name which you would like to take a snapshot of. Acceptable inputs include "Perspective", "Top", "Bottom", etc or any view name that you have already saved within the Rhino file (note that you do not need to input quotations). If no text is input here, the default will be an image of the active viewport - the last viewport in which you navigated.String
WidthWidthImage width in pixels.Integer
HeightHeightImage height in pixels.Integer


ImgSettingImgSettingColibri's image setting object. Feed this into the Colibri aggregator downstream.Goo

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