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Generates an iteration selection for the Colibri Iterator. This allows you to iterate over a subset of the design space instead of taking every step along every slider/dropdown/panel.
Use 'Divisions' to define granularity - how many steps to take on any given input.
Use 'Domain' to break the design space up into chunks that can be solved in parallel on different machines.


DivisionsDivisionsNumber of steps to take along the corresponding Iterator input. This should be a list of integers of the same length as the list of Iterator inputs. 0: for all values 1: for current position >1: numbers to be evenly picked.Integer
DomainDomainSet the target domain of all iteration combinations to solve. For example, if your total number of iterations is 100 and you want to run half of the computations on one machine and half on another, input '0 to 49' for machine A, and '50 to 99' for machine B. Use "Construct Domain" for 1d domain. Domain setting comes after Divisions setting.Interval


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