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Stream meshes to To increase performance in the browser, all meshes from this component will share the same Edge Color, Transparency and Shiny values (we use the first item in every input parameter).


Platypus KeyPkThe Platypus Key from the Platypus Connection component.String
MeshesMmeshes to stream to platypusMesh
Colors[C]colors of the meshes - one color per meshColour
Edge Colors[eC]color of the meshes' edges - one color defines the wireframe color for all of the meshes this component streams to platypus.Colour
Transparency[T]transparncy of the meshes - from 0 to 1. One value for all of the meshes.Number
Shiny?[S?]True = Shiny meshes. False = Flat meshes. False by default. One value for all of the meshes.Boolean

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