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LaplacianHC Smoothing

Component Index > Weaverbird > Wb Smoothen > LaplacianHC Smoothing


Mesh/CurvesMThe open or closed mesh, or closed curves list, to subdivideGeometry
LevelLThe number of subdividing iterations for each faceInteger
Smooth Naked EdgesSDefines how to treat the naked edges

0: Fixed. Naked edges will not move or be modified.
1: Smooth. The naked edge will tend toward a spline.
2: Corner Fixed. Corners (2-sided vertices) will be fixed, while other naked vertices will tend toward a spline.
Partial-OriginalPThe part of original mesh to incrementally use after the first smoothing operation. This value only affects levels higher than 1. Allows less noisy transitions with high levelsNumber
OrientationOThe orientation and strenght given to the volume-saving vector. Can be left at 0 most of the timesNumber
Volume-Saving activationAThe activation, expressed as from 0 to 1, of the volume-saving vector. Setting this to 0 transform the operation in a normal Laplacian smoothingNumber
ThinTThe final, one-shot, thinning with the original meshNumber


Output Mesh/CurvesOThe mesh after the subdividing processGeometry

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