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Mesh Antiprism

Component Index > Weaverbird > Wb Define > Mesh Antiprism


PlanePA plane used to form the base of the solidPlane
WidthWThe base circle widthNumber
NumberOfSidesSThe number of sides of the base polygonInteger
TopPointTThe point defining the top of the solidPoint
BasePolygonMethodCTrue: the width refers to the radius of the circumscribed circle
False: the width refers to the inscribed circle
FillStrategyFThe filling strategy

0: Skip. No insertions at the targeted faces.
1: Best. Use the best combination available today.
2: Triangle Fan. A fan of triangles, with an addition center point.
3: Triangle Hand. A series of triangles, all pointing towards vertex zero.
4: Triangle Knit. Triangles start from vertex 0 and follow in rectangular way.
5: Triangle Zigzag. Triangles start from vertex 0 and alternate.
6: Quad Stitch. Lays quads except in last segment if it is odd.
7: Quad Fan. Adds a central point and positions quads every two edges.


OutMeshOThe resulting mesh ()Mesh

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