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Print Curve with Infill - Filament

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Slices input geometry and renerates G Code to print [W] walls and infill at [I] density. Works for simple or complex geometries.

a W# walled form without any infil or top/bottom layers. For standard filament printing.


CurveCrvContains a collection of generic curvesCurve
Primary config for 3DP_FCPrimary configuration for 3D printing with filamentGoo
Perimenter Wall CountWnumber of solid perimeter walls to printInteger
Infill Ratio (0-1)ISet the density of the infill from 0 (none) to 1 solid).Number
start and end g codeSEBoolean input to determine wether or not to add the start and end g code needed to intiate and end a print. You may also adda customized start and end gcode sequences from the Start G Code and the End G Code components.Goo


G CodeGCComplete g code for printing a single wall model with no infillGoo
Printer LinesPlpolylines representing the travel paths to be printedCurve
PointPtContains a collection of three-dimensional pointsPoint
Total Filament Extruded (mm)FResult of mass additionGoo

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